Pink on pink on pink: a study in monochrome

As I dive deeper into my study of portraiture, I’m learning more about light, color, posing, expressions, and angles. This particular session with Suzy was an exploration into color and light.

I opted to only use natural light with the help of a few tools — a handmade scrim my husband Max made for my birthday last year to diffuse light and a few cheap reflector boards for bending light.

We moved forward with a pink-on-pink shoot (band as you can see above, we did play with a little pink on blue). We kept the cost and effort behind production to a minimum; I spent about $20 on faux florals and some pink tulle from Hobby Lobby, while Suzy provided her own wardrobe and makeup. My goal was not to overthink it, as I tend to do. I wanted there to be no financial pressure to create perfect images; instead, I simply wanted to spend our time in the studio moving around with the light and letting ourselves be surprised by the results.

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