Interactive celebration website experience

We wanted to do something unique to celebrate a historic software launch. We met with stakeholders throughout the company–ranging from execs to individual contributors–and asked them what success would look like to them.

We took that information and created what we called “Workfront Released.” The week was kicked off with an intentionally gaudy email campaign that led employees to a clickbait-ridden website we built in Squarespace (inspired by gossip site Entertainment Weekly) complete with the following:

  • Clickbait articles and quizzes (i.e. “Which Workfront developer are you?”)
  • Employee spotlights and interviews
  • Spammy ‘ads’ featuring company executives
  • Hidden easter eggs (each egg found = an entry for new Workfront swag!)
  • Celebrity Cameo appearances congratulating employees on the launch
  • Group engagement incentives

Celebration numbers:

  • Every member of the product and tech departments was mentioned on the site at least once.
  • Recognizing that all departments are involved in the success of any given product launch, we ensured there were mentions of employees across every department and every region.
  • The site was up for one week and was visited by 72% of employees.
  • Our hidden easter eggs were discovered more than 1500 times!
  • We held optional demos each day of the week to showcase our new products and existing product updates. On average, each demo was attended by 34% of employees.

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