Ghostwritten company-wide message from our SVP, People & Culture

Navigating our new normal

Ghost written message for our SVP, People & Culture


With our changing work environment, I recognize we’re all adjusting to a new normal. 

Your new normal might look like two working adults, competing for internet bandwidth, taking turns responding to the cries of a toddler (or two). Your new normal might look like taking on a handful of new roles, including that of lunchtime chef, middle school teacher, and daycare manager. Your new normal might look like taking care of at-risk parents or relatives, ensuring they have food and love and support. Or your new normal may be navigating this environment on your own.

Whatever your new normal looks like, we ask that you prioritize your family and your wellbeing. If anything in your life has to give right now, let it be work. Find a balance that works for you, and communicate regularly with your manager and teammates. 

Some friendly tips and reminders:

  • Working from home does not require being online at all times. Set boundaries and sign off. Take care of yourself. 

  • No need to apologize for children and pets making appearances on your Zoom calls. We’re all in this together.

  • Consider changing any vacation plans to a staycation to recharge instead of cancelling and working through it. Time off is important.

  • Being in service to others can reduce stress and boost happiness – consider using PTO hours to go shopping for an elderly neighbor or participate in other volunteer opportunities in your area.

  • Take a look at this growing resource center on Workfront Connect for parents – it has lots of ideas and best practices.

  • Join Slack channels like #stuckathome for support and ideas, or #feeling-groovy if you are in the UK. If you’re a dog lover, the #fortheloveofdogs channel is a good place to be, or for group yoga details check out #wf-yogis.

  • Remember, we have work flexibility – here’s a link to our policies and practices if you want a refresher as these were designed to support you.

Thank you, again, for all you are doing to keep yourselves and our communities healthy.  Please let me, your leader, or your HR business partner know if you have any questions on the above.


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