Who I am

I’m a person defined by so many labels  mother, daughter, sister, friend, wannabe artist, Netflix junkie, sugar addict, soccer player, yoga hater, to name just a few.

In my line of work, it’s critical to remember that I’m not trying to appeal to a single persona. I’m a person with a thousand of my own labels talking to thousands of people each with a thousand of their own.

Internal Communications professionals are more than newsletter distributors. We’re passionate about the experience we provide our employees through every possible touchpoint.

My superpowers

  • Information translation I take complex information from subject matter experts and translate it for the rest of us.
  • Relationship building Every relationship is important. No one thrives in an  “us” vs. “them” environment. Building relationships breaks down walls.
  • Visual and multimedia design I minored in design and have continued to nurture and develop my skillset over the years. No need to depend on the creative team’s bandwidth to get things out the door.
  • Figuring it out I don’t shy away from things I’ve never done before. I take it on as a personal challenge to do it better than those who have.


  • Global Town Hall Meetings — It’s my job to ensure our quarterly town hall meetings go off without a hitch.
  • Executive Ghostwriting — It goes without saying that company executives are notoriously busy. Let me borrow their voice and give it back to them.
  • Intranet management — I’ve managed intranets and even launched a brand stinkin’ new one. 
  • Employer branding — We lure employees to work for us with the same promises we keep while they’re here.
  • Data analysis — W. Edwards Deming said it best: “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” And more important than simply gathering data is having an ability and willingness to pivot, even when it’s saying something you don’t want to hear.
  • Project planning — Three years working for a best-in-class work management platform company will teach you a thing or two about effective project planning (and more importantly, execution).
  • Channel management — Slack, intranet, email, oh my! How can we make the most of each platform? When do you use one over the other? When do you use one with another?
  • Crisis communication — Employees need to feel seen in a crisis, whether it’s during a situation happening in the office or a raging hurricane miles from a pocket of our remote workforce.
  • Process documentation — Don’t ask me if I like doing this. Ask my 46-page (and growing!) Internal Communications Handbook. Documented processes lead to consistency in messaging, strengthened executive endorsement, and ultimately a better experience for our employees.
  • People Management — There’s nothing quite like unleashing the power of talented people on your team and multiplying what you’re able to accomplish.

Questions I care about

  • How can we foster an inclusive environment for our employees so they feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work?
  • How can every employee feel connected to and motivated by customers, even when they don’t serve in a customer-facing role?
  • How can we support all the varying communication preferences of our generationally diverse workforce?
  • How can we as internal communications professionals support a feedback-driven culture?
  • How can we ensure information and transparency isn’t only a privilege granted to upper-level managers?

Speaking engagements

PRSA Connect 2020 breakout session, Lead Your Team to Victory With an Internal Communications Playbook [link]

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